Technical Notes

This page designed on Macs with BBEdit as the primary editing tool, and where text is scanned, Omnipage Pro with OCR software is used. Images are scanned using Adobe Photoshop. Version numbers change between machines, so we can't list all that technical data. Files are uploaded using Fetch.

While the JCS does not endorse one free browser over the other, much to our dismay Internet Explorer has proven to be moderately more useful and graphically pleasing, and design and layout is done with that in mind.

Pages have been tested on both Internet Explorer and Netscape, with IE taking precedent. If you've got Netscape and notice things don't look quite right, that's not our faulty design and editing, that's Netscape's limitations.

Seriously though, pages should look nearly identical between browsers, with possible minor differences depending on software and versions you use, but IE is the main browser we've designed for.

If a page is utterly unbearble with Netscape, let us know and we'll try to figure out what's wrong.

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If you have a specific technical question we've not answered here, email us at jcs@wage[nospam]slave.org and we'll discuss your ideas.